Integrated amp for B&W 685s

I have a pair of B&W 685s that I wish to use for a 2nd system. I have listened to them driven by an NAD C226BEE amp and find that combo to be overly warm. the lower mids and bass overly pronounced. Any opinions on an integrated amp that mates well with these speakers.

As an alternative approach/question, any thoughts on budget speakers that might make a good match for this amp.

Thanks in advance.
As a followup to my initial post, I was listening to the combo in a room that I was not all that familiar with. After playing around with both amp and speakers in my dedicated audio room, I have deduced that they seem to work well together. This system is to be used primarily as my outdoor system on the deck, where I enjoy music spring, summer and fall. In as much as I have always appreciated the importance of the room/speaker interaction I failed to check this out prior to posting.

That said, I remain interested in any comments regarding the synergy of either of these components with the different associated counterpart.
Thanks Theforerunner. I have heard the 685s driven by a Rotel 1520. They played well together as one would expect given they come from the same parent company. I would like to compare the sound of my pair driven by the NAD vs, A Rotel. Just haven’t found a used Rotel that I was willing to buy given I just bought the NAD at the time of my initial post.
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