Innuos Sense vs Roon Experimental Mode

Has anyone done any comparisons of SQ using the new Innuos Sense app versus Roon Experimental mode - which to me provides terrific SQ - on a Zen or Zenith?


I have done extensive listening tests. Sense 2.08 is more resolute, more open and detailed. Sense offers more air and inner detail.

Roon is a tad warmer, more mid-bass energy and less articulate in the bass. Bass is more rounded and full. Mids and highs are more laid back and not a resolute as Sense.

Sense 2.08 is more real sounding and brings you into the recording more. It offers a tad more realism.

Roon offers a more relaxed and rounded sound. It is also a tad flat sounding compared to the more dimensional Sense 2.08.