Initial Impressions of Von Schweikert VR2

I received my demo pair of red cherry Von Schweikert Audio VR2 speakers last Wednesday. They came with around 100-150 hrs. on them and since then I have put around another 50-60 on them. To say that I like these speakers would be a great understatement.
They are great communicators of the musical event, drawing you in and holding you there. I wouldn't say that they are overachievers in any one area, just all around performers. Initially I thought they were a little shut in on top, but the highs have come around very nicely. Lots of air and extension on top, but never harsh or bright. Very easy to listen to on all but the most horrid recordings. But this doesn't come at the expense of inner detail or resolution. Lots of that going on too.

As for the bass, if memory serves me right, they go nearly as deep as my old VR4 Silvers, but with more articulation and refinement. That says a lot for a speaker that comes in a smaller package with smaller drivers. Time marches on, and so does technology and obviously Albert has learned a thing or two since the mid-90s.

I think there will be further improvement as the break in process continues. These like all VS speakers that came before them, need lots of hours to run in. I nearly pulled my hair out waiting the month + that it took my VR4s to come around, but come around they did. I can easily live with the sound of the VR2 "as is", so any improvement will be the icing on the cake. These are excellent speakers and a downright steal for the $$.

Well done Albert.


Good to read that you like the VR2s. How do they compare to your newly acquired Alons? Are you willing to exchange the Alons for the VR2s?? :-)
Pretty sure the Alons are sold. They are excellent speakers in their own rights, but the VR2s fit my listening tastes and room better.

Ozzy62 - You really hit it on the VR-2's. I have a pair that has around 200 hours on them and your description is very accurate and well put.

I'm finding that the treble is just beginning to smooth out but sounds like it has a little ways to go. I'm really impressed with the depth of bass of the VR-2's and the very balanced integration it has with the mid/highs. Nothing dominates, just a very well balanced sound. Its nice to have so much detail, but in a very natural, easy to listen to way. Nothing fatiguing about these speakers. I also found that 25lbs. of lead shot in each speaker, use of the spikes, and taking the time for proper set-up as instructed in the manual kept adding more to the speakers. The depth and sound field of these speakers is almost holographic.

I'm also pretty amazed at the VR-2's for the price. If I didn't know, I'd guess they were at least 2x what they go for.