Inexpensive SACD and DVD-A two-channel player?

I'm interested in buying an inexpensive SACD and DVD-A player for two-channel audio playback only (no video). I'd like to try out these two formats in my reference two-channel system, but I'm not prepared to spend a lot of money for an "audiophile-grade" player to do this. For example, one audiophile friend recommended the Pioneer DV-563A player, another the Pioneer DV-588A-S player, both under $200. I'm ignorant in this area and would appreciate some discussion of the pros and cons and some advice. I'm interested only in two-channel SACD and DVD-A playback (I already have an excellent "audiophile-grade" CD player for redbook CD and HDCD.) Thanks.
I just picked up an "A-stock" Denon DVD-2200 universal for $204 including shipping. This unit is much better [build quality and sound] than the Pioneer players (I've owned the 563a) and, for the money, is a no-brainer considering more than decent redbook and video. Try and find the review in The Absolute Sound (issue 147).
I was going to say a used Denon DCD-2900 - again, a very solidly built, excellent player for around $400 used.
I'm very happy with my stock Denon 1920. You can grab these for $250 or 300 new on eCost or eBay. It does well for DVD-A and SACD, and makes for a reasonably good transport for redbook. (It also sounds pretty good for redbook - a little forward sounding for my tastes - the image really jumps out of the soundstage and right at you in a pretty agressive way. But the tonality it good - very sweet mids for cheap consumer gear).

I'm sure the 2900 is better if you can swing the extra $100 and don't mind used though.
Thanks for the input; I appreciate it. I'll probably go with a Denon. I've had very positive experience with Denon components. Right now I'm looking at a used Denon DVD-2910 DVD player. Any thoughts on this model? (Yes, I know, it's more expensive than where I started from.)