inexpensive dock for iPhone 4 with digital out

does such a thing exist? 100 dollars or less? I want to run a digital coax cable to my W4S DAC-1 and listen to MOG radio through it. Thanks.
Hey thanks Hotmailjbc. I think I'll go for it--I can afford to take the chance for $99! Thanks for taking the time to respond.
there is an application chart on their site and i would guess it is set for the new apple units. the unit is very flexible in that it has rca out from the on-board dac, it also has coax/ optical out for the digital feed to your dac and s video for hooking up to play videos. when i ordered mine a few months back there was free shipping and a moneyback guarantee. i was going to save for the wadia but at 99 bucks this is a great piece of gear i use everyday. the onboard dac has been compared to some pretty nice budget dacs. i have compared it to my v-dac and it is close but not as open in my setup. plus the remote is nice.
Do you know if it accommodates an iPhone 4? I notice it has a built in DAC. Is it possible to take the digital stream direct, bypassing the onboard DAC? BTW, have you tried the onboard DAC? If so, how does it sound? (just curious)
I second the suggestion for the Pure i-20. The best $99 I have ever spent on audio. An amazing product for the $$.
pure i-20 is 99 dollars. check their site for applicability. i use one with a 160g and a 80 classic and it sounds very good. doesn't work with the 30g classic but might with the new iphones.