In Home Trial via Fat Llama

I wanted to see what you guys think of an idea I have around facilitating in-home trial.  Would you consider an inexpensive "rental" via Fat Llama.   

Consider this, it costs ~$225 for round trip shipment of a pair of speakers for me.  I have a few pairs that have damaged cabinets but otherwise sound perfect.  The concept is this:

The consumer does a 2 week "rental" of a pair of speakers for half the cost of freight.  ~$110 and they get to listen to the speakers in home with out fronting the full cost.  No choice in color and they will be scratch and dent to a point where I would not sell them.  If they order, they get the $110 credited toward the purchase.  If they don't, it costs the same as if they purchased them and returned them.  

These aren't new speakers so break-in time is not a concern.  

Fat Lllama is a "rental service" that normally facilitates short term rental of tech equipment and would serve as protection so that the customer has to return the item or they will be charged the full retail price.  

Would you consider this as a potential vehicle for in-home trial?