If you’re looking for an awesome speaker

I have owned the Von Schweikert vr-35’s for a little while now and after about 250 hours of play feel they are just now coming into their own. I had Albert do some upgrades at the factory before they were delivered. The upgrades included his higher end binding post, Delphi Aerospace crystal copper wire throughout, upgraded caps and upgraded internal resonance material in the cabinets. There are fantastic performers and to boot they are reasonably priced, even with the upgrades. If you want a speaker that will play at 3-4 times the retail price please give these some consideration. IMHO most of the speakers today although very good are way overpriced. I have owned some very nice speakers and have tried other good speakers in my system. Importantly, these are very musical speakers.

My supporting system includes:
Bob Carver Cherry 180’s mono-blocks (in black)
PS Audio P5 ac re-generator
Coincident Statement line stage
Von Schweikert Master Built Standard power cords
Von Schweikert Master Built Signature Speaker Cables
Von Schweikert Master Built Purple Line interconnects

The vr-35’s were designed to be placed close to the wall so the WAF is very appealing. They have a trapezoidal design with some very strong internal bracing. They contain lots of Albert’s higher end technology so this is where the trickle down affect provides a great bang for the dollars. They have Scan-Speak drivers that are found in other mega-buck speakers. The bass the vr-35s produce is outstanding and sound-stage is very wide and also deep. Like all good speakers the better the components the better the sound. Another great point is they can rock and roll but also present jazz and instrumental music in a beautiful manner. The mid-range is rich but clean and clear. So the versatility factor is high with the vr-35s. These are powerful and the only challenge you might have will be getting them placed just right. I believe this is the type of speaker product that we need more of.