I have found out why new cables and tweaks actually work!

The issue is now solved via irrefutable scientific data and rigorous validation after unprecedented levels of physical effort. I now know why swapping cables works, and why a great deal of other tweaks work too.

I spent a great deal of time over the weekend cleaning my entertainment center. I used a Swiffer with the extending wand attachment. Immediately afterwards I went to watch a movie and the sound was clearer, cleaner than I’d ever heard it before. The video didn’t change, but the audio, it was so good I stopped playing the Fellowship of the Ring for the 10th time and went to listen to music.

Oh my goodness, what deep and extended soundstage! Not only could I hear deeper into all of my music but instruments had bodies and height! Diana Krall was so palpably present I wanted to buy her dinner. But what had changed?? Every single cable was left as it was, but I had cleaned!!

That’s when it hit me. All my tweaks and all my cable replacements did nothing. It was the cleaning I did every time I replaced a set of cables that actually caused the revolutionary transformations I was experiencing.  Same for every other audiophile!! You've ignored the cleaning and ascribed changes to gear.  We've been fooled!

On a completely unrelated note, I will soon be releasing my own line of advanced, jitter free, cleaning solutions, in peach, evergreen, unscented and Axe Body Spray fragrances.


@ambr1600 : very good write-up! Thank you for sharing. You should start to post more often.

I'm an electronics engineer myself, ...

I was worried a bit when I read this first 🤷‍♂️. Kudos to you for using your own experience to guide you into looking beyond your meters and engineering books. Not all engineers are the same, have the same knowledge. The famous saying: what do you call a lawyer who finishes at the bottom of the class in Law School? A lawyer!


Bravo. This should be mandatory reading for all flat earthers on the Cable and Tweaks fora. Could you add a few lines on conductivity, impedance and resistance in cables with their impact on phase and frequency response… and if you feel indulgent on RFI/EMI and ground level noise incursions and their impact on DA conversion as well as amplification down the chain?

There is a need for a comprehensive treatise on all of this to fight wars of belief rather than knowledge.

Zen and art of HiFi maintenance.  You become one with the equipment, drawing closer to the experience.  Same phenomena with old British automobiles. At some level, being an audiophile is the feedback loop of obsessive "taking care of" with attention, money, or Swiffers.

And all this time I thought the dust acted as a sound attenuator. I think I will tape swffers to the wall! Visually amazing too.