I asked about the stabi s with stogi s tone arm

But I also wanted to know of other turn tables that I could buy besides kuzma stabi s in that price range or a bit higher. system consist of
1 cary cad 500 mono
2ear868 preamplifier
3 cary 303/300 cd
4 speakers system audio rangers
5 pure power aps 2000
6 phono is asr basis exclusive 2005
7 I dont own a turntable yet i am looking. thank you for your help.
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Andifergy, I don't intend to scare you but you should check
if your Basis is 'the right one'. There were some problems
with 2004/5 versions. See: the abs. sound and what H.Pearson wrote about. I am 'in' the ASR gear for some time
and owned the 'wrong one' from 2004. This guy Scheafer is
altering his 'versions' nearly every year. So while I own
the so called 'Gold version' (2009) I need to upgrade to
the 2010 version. The reason? The 2010 version has also the MM inputs.
You may want to look into a Technics SP-10 rebuild from Steve Dobbins. I believe they start around $2800. His Garrard 301 rebuild is about $5800. Both tables sound wonderful and give belt drive tables a run for their money.