how refined are your ears?

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I am a fan of tenor singers and my favorite is Andrea Bocelli I was just given a copy of his new album from my friend at Universal but my fellow producer friend Devon says that his vocals are'nt as good as I think they are.
So please post your opinion here...
here is a link to his newest song. This is the song in question.
Hi there! I agreed with your friend Devon. Andrea is very popular at the moment. Heck, I even have a few of his CDs. The thing is that his voice is not perfect. I used to be a music retailer and I have listened to a fair amount of classical singers. There are better singers out there.

But don't fret it. If you like his music, buy it. Same thing for Diana Krall. I like her. But we know that there are better singers out there. I used to think that Kenny G is jazz. I wouldn't buy every album that he churned out but I definitely keep his two best albums. Listen to recommendations and read reviews. Take a chance and buy something that you normally wouldn't touch. Like Bjork!

Just keep listening. That's more important than having a closed mind and making uninformed decisions.
IMHO, Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman are in the same league. If they float your boat then by all means collect their CD's. I personally don't own any. I have been listening to the classical voice for over 25 years so by now have a pretty good knowledge and appreciation of a classical singer's art. A beautiful voice is definitely a good start, but it's the technique and art of delivering the line and the meaning of the text/lyrics that differentiate a singer's singer from a mere songster/songstress.
Callas does not have a beautiful voice but one only needs a few seconds of listening to her arias to recognize a legend.