How good is the phono section of the Rogue Cronus Magnum II considered to be

Any body compared it to other phono preamps up to $300?
I owned a cronus magnum, not the mag 2 , however if it has the same phono circuit, keep looking, the phono circuit is not in the audio circuit, as is the phono jack too, Corners were cut to make a line stage that is phenominal sounding at their price point, as was having to open the chassis up to manually change a yello/green wire to go from 4ohm to 8 ohm, It is what it is, but it sings in the line stages, if you want to stay with rogue the perseus magnum ,s phono is a giant killer, jj tubes in it are very good, but if you want to take it to another level find and buy a quad of holland amperex bugel boys! 12au7 The bad news here is the cronus doesnt have   amp in jacks,   thats why i sold mine , the phono section was a let down to say the least, good luck in your hunt .
Unlike yohimey, I have a Rogue Pharaoh hybrid Integrated amp. It has a MM/MC adjustable input. I feel it's phono stage is very good. Certainly better than any other phono stage I have had in the past. Although I will say I haven't owned many phono stages over the years. IMO.