How good is the coincident frankenstein mark 2 amp

Iam seeking input from current owners and those familiar with these amplifiers. The professional reviews are very good however I value the thoughts of those who have personal insight as much if not more. My system includes the coincidentdent total eclipse2 speakers,quicksilver preamp modified with Vcap OIMP capacitors,timbre tt1-dac,esoteric p2 transport,PS audio transcedent silver IC and slinkylins speaker cable. My room is 14x24x8foot ceiling. Musical taste acoustical jazz and small to medium scale classical.
Best amp I've had in my system to date. They should mate well with your Eclipse speakers. Lack of power shouldn't be an issue with what you listen to as long as you don't like high db levels. They produce very smooth palpable mid and high frequencies. Bass isn't too shabby either for an 8 watt amp.
I've been overwhelmed by the Frankensteins and still amazed every time I sit down and listen after over a year of daily exposure.
My speakers are Coincident,similar to yours and the combination with the source you have will be sound very musical.
As Byfo said, smooth mids and highs and add strong resolve.
Bass is realistic, tight and possesses strong impact.
Sound far more dynamic than any 8 watt 300b Ive experienced.
Byfo and Montejay thanks for you input. Montejay it is nice to know that after a year of ownership you are still amazed with the performance of these amplifiers. Arthur Salvatore who seems to be ultra selective and demanding of audio components appears to be in complete awe of the frankensteins. If I am able to sell my current amps I will purchase these amps. As good as my amps are I believe that for pure natural sound, transparency and utter ease SET amplifiers when done correctly is the way to go.
I'm the proud owner of these amps,as well as Total Victory IV's.

You are making a good decision. They will match well with your speakers and also mate well with your musical tastes.

My wife has a tough time getting me out the stereo room.

Just curious Byfo,Montejay and Pechtm did you all consider or compare other SET amps before selecting the frankensteins. I had nearly chosen the dehavilland 845 amp prior to finally picking the franks.

I have the Total Reference and I had the Pure Reference that I subsequently sold. The Frankensteins are everything Mr. Salvatore says and possibly more. I have never regretted a single purchase from Coincident Technology. At times I feel the realism in my system is disarming. The Frankensteins are perfectly suited to your musical tastes. I have the KR 300BXLS in my amps. I find that the sound from 20 to 20K is as good as it gets. As far as I am concerned I am set (?pun) for life. You will never regret your purchase. These truly are the finest amps available.
Hi Jhzoller, did you buy based on previous Coincident product satisfaction or was there comparison to other highly regarded SET amps and is this your first SET amplifier?

Jhzoller, can you tell us more about the Pure Reference in contrast to the TV, and perhaps why you sold them.

(I have the Super Eclipse II)

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I heard the Pure Reference at the Audio Loft in New York City this weekend with an Art Audio amp and Pre and it was very musical. Best I've heard to date.

I am using the Frankenstein amps with Von Schweikert VR5SE's. I am running the BEL 1001's on the bottom end and the Frankensteins on the top. This combination sounds pretty nice.