How can I measure the noise on my AC mains with a 2ch oscilloscope?

I’m not an EE so although I have some nice test equipment I need help. Here is the problem, the AC Mains are 120 vac but I’m trying to measure the noise on the AC signal , millivolts. I’d like to answer two questions how bad is my power and second  does my isolation transformer make a difference.


thanks for the help 


If only Edison had won the power war. We would have DC direct from the wall outlet. 😊

"Live Music" is full of phase anomalies, microphone differences, crowd murmurs and smells, bow rosin dust, insane sound technicians, a lack of sound technicians, balding head reflections, unseasoned wood flooring, drapery...all of which you can try to measure or simply sit there and listen to it. What a mess... 

No need to worry neurotically about noise on the AC line. Competent engineering takes care of that.

I wish this was the case, and it is obviously helpful for many components, but as many people remark about hearing system differences depending on time of day or what else in the house is running concurrently, then it is not a blanket "fact"

Like Jason said.  Power doesn't matter.  Hook it up to a honda generator.  It'll be fine.  🤣

The emogee gives me hope that this was said in jest. Even the quality of the inverter when running a battery power system makes a world of difference. Unfortunately, there is no one solution that works for everyone, hence all the companies doing a brisk business these days.