How can I get a different arm installed on a VPI Prime Signature?

I am currently using the VPI 3D tone arm on the Prime Signature TT and would like to change the 3D arm to possibly the Kuzma 4Point.  My question is how do I make the change or who do I contact to make the change (new arm board)?  I guess I will start by contacting VPI to see if it is possible.  Any and all input will be appreciated.
You answered your own question, give them a call and reach out on their forum board. I am interested in the results of your quest, so please keep us all up to date on your progress. Enjoy the music.
Hi Randy,
Your signature will take a 4 Point 11 no problem, or maybe some problems. 1st here is the "floor plan" of the 4 Point 11
It looks to me that the Signature does not use a detachable arm board. The tonearm is mounted directly to the plinth. The mount center to spindle for the Kuzma is 212 mm and should be pretty close to where your current arm is. Try measuring it out. Ideally you want t be able to cover up or even use the holes left by your arm. If the cosmetic results are going to wind up unacceptable. Any good woodworker can countersink a replaceable arm board into the plinth. At the least the plinth will require some modification in the form of a few screw holes. 
IMHO the 4 Point is worth the effort it is just a great tonearm. Good luck and holler if you need help.