Hooking up a Velodyne DD15 Sub to a Pass Labs Point 8 amplifier

Taken from the Point 8 manual…….

You can hook this amplifier up to any normal loudspeaker without danger of damage. Note, however that both the (+) Red output connection and the (-) Black output connection are live. There is no ground reference at the speaker terminals. The black (-) speaker terminal must never be treated as ground.

This can be important when you are hooking up active sub-woofers to the output of the amp – if you need a signal ground connection then use the white ground terminal provided on the rear panel.

 The white signal ground connection is not a safety ground. Safety ground is provided only by the detachable power cord.


My question, I have a Velodyne DD15 subwoofer which I traditionally hooking up to the amplifier’s positive and negative outputs. With a Pass Labs Point 8 amplifier, what is the proper set up connections?