home theatre amp recommendation

I have decided to sell my Parasound HCA 1206 amplifier for several reasons. First, it is rather large and takes up a lot of space. Second, I never use the sixth channel and have no need to use it by bridging a pair of channels simply to use it. Third, my speakers are all very efficient and probably require no more than 30 watts of clean power to play very loudly (audio note ank, b & w rock solids, spendor center 2010).

I have a Bryston 2b that has been in the closet for some time and plan on using that to replace the parasound hca 1206. I require three more channels. My first thought was to simply acquire another Bryston 2b for the rear surrounds and a Monarchy Audio SM-70 amp and bridge it for the center channel.

The bryston 3 channel amp is a possibility if one comes up for sale. Not the 300wpc one but a 6b, I think.

Anyway, am looking for recommendations on a 3 channel amp with somewhere between 50 and 120 wpc that is relatively compact.
If you could find a Carver AV 753x, it would provide 3 channels as clean and beautiful as your Bryston. (Used only now, as out of production.)
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I use a krell kav-500 3 channel amp. These are out there in three and five channels. 100 watts per channel at 8ohm's and a very good sounding amp for two channel. You could move the bryston to the rear. You can find the 3 channel for around $1500 used.
The Classe CAV150 offers 6 150 Watt channels. It is bridgeable to offer 1-3 300 Watt channels. It is also very musical. I've partnered it with a Mark Levinson which drives my front 2 channels and i bridge all outputs to match the power out of my ML333. It works really well.
IT runs about $1800 used.