High Output MC vs Low Output MC

I am currently using a Denon DL-160. I really like this cartridge but now have the capability to use a very low output cartridge. I am considering staying with the Denons or possibly a Benz. I would like to stay in the $1000.00 range if possible. Is there anything out there that will outperform the DL- 160 in this price range? Thank you for your time.
Denon 304, AT 33 EV, AT OC9, Denon 103. I have used all these as well as a 160 and they are all considerably better. The 103 needs a fairly high mass arm ; the others work with most arms.
I have not heard the DL-160, but have had a long & satisfying run with Denon's top DL-S1(around $500 from Comet Supply.) Very low .15mv output and medium compliance.