High End Audio in Portland Oregon

I am headed to Portland Oregon this weekend. Are there any high end audio dealers there?
Their are several threads in the archives dealing with this question. Echo HiFi is a good used establishment that is located in the "Pearl District" that seems to carry a good selection. Audiogon member Viridian lives there and has a great knowledge of the local highend market.
I echo Joman's recommendation and I would also check out Pearl Audio in the Pearl District (great place to spend a day), Stereotypes and Fred's east of the river and The Audio Gallery in Lake Oswego. There's also Magnolia and Chelsea Audio/Video in Beaverton.
there is also chambers audio which i believe is a'gon member Jtinn's business. they are by appointment only though.
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Stereotypes is a great place to start. I've bought a number of things there over the years, and they are great people. Knowledgeable and reliable. Fred's is also a good choice, and make sure to visit Echo for a good selection of used gear.
I would only add that there is also Dynamic Contrasts (Jstehno's business), who is also an a'gon member and a dealer. It could very well be worth the effort and time to head down to Salem and audition John's setup. (contact him first: jstehno@comcast.com)
Thanks guys for the tips. I should have a lot of fun this weekend with the Oregon Brew Fest and the Blues festival happening at the same time.
Stereotypesaudio.com The new store is great and comparable or better than many I've visited nationwide over my years of contracting and searching out stores. Excellent quality equipment matched to knowlegeable professional people.