Hi End Audio Technician in Las Vegas

I have a sound system  that was installed in my house about 15 years ago, needless to say; it need upgrades, etc. the system incudes: Theta Casablanca 3, Casablanca amps (2), Induction Dynamics speakers (7) etc. I live in Las Vegas NV. and I'm having problems finding somebody that is knowledgeable of this type of technology and I don't know enough to do it my self!  Does anyone know somebody in Las Vegas or know how to find somebody  that can deal with this type of system? Thank you in advance!!
All the equipment is in one closet with lots of wires going behind the walls to the tv/ music room, and that’s part if the problem, finding someone that knows how to identify every connection!!i had some different guys , including Best Buy and some higher end companies and they think it a little to complicated for them!
I know a guy, let me check with him. He doesn't like to deal with in wall speakers, but wiring should be no problem. Hi end company? They should be able to handle it without a problem, BestBuy NO. Any idea of time frame?

Not sure if this helps you or not. 
(1) with wires disconnected you can find both ends with Klein VDV 500-820 wire tracer tool from Amazon.
(2) If you need to re-route wires you can take off your baseboards and use a Milwaukee oscillating saw to cut a horizontal line in the drywall that will be hidden when you put the baseboard back on  

(3) Lay your wires in the horizontal cut drywall slot  then glue your baseboards back on using small dabs of construction glue.
(4) After you figure it all out you can get some audio junction box plates on Amazon by searching for the Fosmon Store.
(5) Screw wires into the back of the junction box cover.

(6) A drywall junction box can be purchased from Lowes. You can use a stud finder to make sure you use the drywall junction box (that has the little tabs that twist when you turn the philips screws) without hitting the wall studs. You can use your  new oscillating saw to cut the drywall for the box. (See youtube how to add a junction box into drywall. Any electrician can follow these instructions.   
The best part is that you will use your new Milwaukee oscillating saw for a ton of other future projects. 

Oh yes, put some masking tape on the drywall around the wall plate for the speaker. Pull the cover plate towards you to get it off. You will then see black Philips screws that will turn in order to get the speaker plate out. The wires will be behind. The wire tracer clips onto the speaker wire terminals with disconnecting them. Go into where you have all of your wires in the closet and your wire tracer can locate which ones.
Make sure to label your wires after you find them all. Again, any electrician can read this and figure it out.
A store that only sells high end audio will have an installer guru guy.

Have you called Elite AV?   Pretty sure they will work on a system that isn't their own.