Help with Thorens. TD145

So I have a 70’s era Thorens TD145.  I inherited it from my brother....Excellent condition with new belt.  I posted before about a year ago, but am ready to pull the trigger and spend some money.  1st question:  Should I change the wiring?.....Tonearm wires and the soldered rca patch cables.  Next...phono preamp recommendations under 2K??  And finally cartridge recommendations.  $2k again.  Back in the day (1970’s) I was an ortofon MC cartridge fanboy...  So am I over or spending??   Rest of my system is GE Triton References, Carver Crimson 275, Prima Luna preamp, Schiit YGGY, Jay’s CD transport, ,Oppo 103d and Roon nucleus.

I went with a Decware ZP3, Ortofon MM Black and a Soundsmith Carmen med compliance. 

If I wouldn't have done the tape option on the Decware and just picked up the Ortofon MM Black. Under 2K Total.. 590. for just the cart no mounting kit. 1300.00 for the Phono stage.

The problem is the 5-8 month wait. I'm at 23 weeks now. 5 months 3 weeks, for the The Decware.

Herron, top of the line for the money and quality.. FET gain stage followed by valves and HIGH quality parts.. Very good idea...

Less money and still a lot of versatility, The Puffin.. Nothing glamorous but sure a little workhorse with TONS of options, an almost cult following and GREAT support by the manufacture (LOL army of one I think).

I would look into a motor kit. Just the electric side, UNLESS the motor has a knock.. there is a kit for that too.. The caps need an update, The RCAs and power cable. The tone arm could always sound better with a wire upgrade, BUT One potato at a time AY..

First service the plater/spindle (oil) and change the RCAs, power cable and caps. Add a dampening kit for the chassis and gummy puffers (dampening biscuits) to the spring kits. About 3 hours unless you have to do a motor knock kit (Add 24 hours for drying) 1-2 hours depending whether you mount or dismount the motor.

The plinth there are a few options there...

Well that's what I do, have done, and will probably keep doing.. :-)

Thanks so much!  I appreciate the advice and servicing instruction.  My project for next weekend!
OP all the The Thoren stuff, is pretty interchangeable, just so you know. The super 160 had a 10mm spindle and the MKII were a slightly smaller chassis. STILL every bit the table of the early ones. I know I have 6-8 of the belt drives.

I have a TD121 and a pair of 124s.. Wonderful performers.. Actually my go to TT..

That and Russcos (Garrard Killers)

The 121, 124, 224, 134, 135, 185 (?) all used a different motor E50 and were belt/roller driven. I liked every one.

The 224 was a stack feed.. Techy for sure...

There you go the little kits are on EBay.. just so you know.. 39-49. per..

Have fun...
Final question and then I’m asking my wife for an advance on my lunch money!  Is the tp-16 up to the job of handling modern cartridges?

Thanks again...Will send pix once complete....
Sure, there is a point where you have to ask "why am I spending MORE"? Will you get more if you pay more? To a point..

Match the cart to phono stage, match the pair to the tonearm. TP-16 is a good tonearm. You can swap it for an after market.

SME and Jelco are BOTH very popular and mounting hardware is available.

Remember, Thoren makes a 20K + TT NOW... They have some mighty fine TT indeed..

There is a NEW TD124 direct drive.. too.. they are keeping up...

Before you proceed ID which version of the TP16 you have.

Off the top of my head one had approx. half the effective mass of the other.

UPDATE….new cables and belt.  When the TT was given to me it had a SHURE M97 installed.  Last night I played a brand new MOFI master (J Geils) very impressed, exceeded my expectations.    I had not listened to an LP in close to 20 years.   Then I pulled out  another LP that had had heavy rotation for years before I put all my albums up….Left channel midrange was edgy, unpleasant.  So I’m assuming the TT is set up properly due to the MOFI sound lacking the edgy left channel.  NOW the question.  I’m ready to buy a cartridge.  This is the TP16 tonearm and I’m certain it is the series one (because it appears identical to the Thorens TT I had experience with in the 70’s.  I bought a Schiit phono preamp as a starter.  I’ve been looking at the ortofon black, but would like feedback and suggestions on an appropriate cartridge with a new phono pre in the future.  Thanks to all…
Here are pics (see links) of the Two different TP16 tonearms...

The first one is of the original...

This one is of the MkII (which is a low mass tonearm)...

The first one has a higher effective mass than that of my old currently used SME 3009 (non-improved) @ it being around 15 grams, or so.

The only Thorens arm I have owned/used was the stock one on a TD165 (TP13 maybe) and with proper setup I was amazed @ how good it could sound with a couple of Grado cartridges.

That's my only first hand experience with a Thorens arm as I've used SME's on Thorens decks since the early 70's and am still using such a combo.