Help w/D+ stream audio to speakers

Ah, kinda embarrassed to ask but I am stumped on how to get the streamed Disney+ audio out to my speakers thru my AVR. 
Integra DTM-7 AVR (2ch), LG UK6300 4K TV, Spendor SA1 bookshelves and sub. 
I don’t think that my integra AVR or my blu ray player (LG UK80) can stream D+ directly, but my smart tv can. I got that to work (D+ stream via tv) but how do I get the audio back to AVR to drive speakers?

Have ARC 4K HDMI cable between AVR and input 2 (ARC input) of TV, and I assumed this was only cabling needed (since whole point of ARC is two-way comm between devices as I understand it). Set AVR HDMI setting to ARC auto (only ARC related setting there was) and set TV audio out to ARC. 
But I get no sound from AVR regardless of AVR input selected. 
Any ideas?  I was hoping not to add another cable...

thanks in advance 
What happens when you use your TV as a source with other content?  For example, if you get over the air channels, can the sound be outputted through the AVR?
Not sure. All I have used as sources in past are Sat box and Blu ray player previously. Have never tried streaming Netflix or YouTube or anything else or receiving over air channels. 
I will keep trying to figure out solution that doesn’t involve running toslink or other digital cable from tv output to AVR input (which I assume would work). 
Got it solved. Needed to set TV sound out not only to ARC, but also subsetting PCM. 
Works now