HELP-Suggestions for High Efficiency speaker s

Guys, I have outgrown my speakers with my upgrades, and need some help please. I now have the Wavelength Cardinal X1's, APL Modded sacd 1000, Exemplar 2900, Exemplar emotion pre-amp, and Klipsch Cornwall speakers. With music so clean now, when I crank the db's I can hear my cabinets creaking, and minor distortion from the tweeter, squaker, and woofer. The blacks are so black, I hear it all. I love the dynamics of horns, and the 15 inch woofers going down to about 35 hz. But, I believe I need to get to the next level. I was thinking about having my corns fully rebuilt with new drivers, crossovers, cabinet, ect, Than I realized I was really making a custom speaker. So here I am lookin for suggestions on new speakers. I would get Khorns, but have terrible corners/placement. My listening room is not dedicated to just 2-channel. I have HT/2 channel combined, 1 stand on each side SS/tube with Elite HD730 in between.

Please give me some suggestions, would like to keep it under 5K.


Tannoy System 15 DMT II: about $4K list, actual price cheaper; available only at pro audio shops or resellers. 95 dB anechoic; 98 dB half-space; 200 wrms continuous power handling; 15 inch dual concentric driver. 38 hz to 25 kHz +/- 3 db. Cabinets 100 lbs. each.

Flat to 40 Hz, but if you want subterranean home theatre bass, you'll need one or two subwoofers.
Thanks, I am going to look at a pair of churchills close by
even though they are a bit more expensive. All suggestions are appreciated, and if you have anything you are selling, email me please.

You might consider some single driver speakers.
They make a nice match with 300b SET amps.

Lowther, AER, and Fostex make some very nice single drivers which can be loaded into a variety of cabinets. There are rear horn types, front horn types, front horn/rear horn types, Voigt Pipes(TQWP), and even bass reflex types that will work with these drivers.

They are high efficiency drivers, ranging from 95db to 102db efficiecy with 1 watt input. The cabinets can improve the efficiency also, depending on the type you select.

This totally eliminates crossovers, and provides "direct drive" of you speaker elements, with no intervening parts.

There are flaws in single driver speakers, just like there are flaws in multi-driver speakers. If you like the sound, and can live with the drawbacks(generally little bass below 45Hz), then they can be very satisfying. Some people also use them with subwoofers to augment the bottom end.

They are very viable for a low power SET amplifier, and can provide some assets that cannot be achieved with many other types of designs.

Some ideas would be Beauhorn, Lammhorn, Lowther Medallions, Hedlund Horn, Voigt Pipes, Oris Horns(front horn with subwoofer), and some others. You can do some research on this with a Google Search.