Help me with this choice Paradigm, JM Lab, Sonus

Hello. I just recently had a listening session to compare the Paradigm Signature S-4, and the JM LAb ELectra 906. Both are stand mounted (Thats all the room I have, and all the money I have:) Both sounded very nice, but the Paradigm imaging was amazing compared to the Electra. I expected the reverse to be true. The paradigm had a little more bottom end because of more and larger drivers, but i liked the JM labs tweeter more. I also am considering SOnus Faber COncerto's used here on audiogon. I used to sell them, so I am "familiar" with them. These are the Home series COncertos, the ones on stands. DOes anyone have any input? I listen mostly to progressive rock, whice has a little bit of everything in it. I have also been known to listen to harder stuff, but at the same time I listen to classical and mild stuff too. I need a good all round speaker around $2500. Help.
Well, I'm not a fan of Paradigm speakers at all, but as always, YMMV. I think you should consider picking up a pair of Electra 907 Bes used for probably less than $2500. I much prefer the JM Labs over both the speakers you mentioned. I think Sonus Faber does very well with classical, vocal and jazz music but I doubt you'd find them as acceptable for rock. I'd start with the JM Lab monitor and then add a sub later if you wish.
I have owned speakers by Paradigm, JM Lab, and now three pair of Sonus Fabers. They actually do Rock & Roll very well as that is really all I listen to. (See my system)

The Paradigms and the JMs may be a little more detailed but will be WAY less forgiving on lesser quality recordings which happens a lot with Rock. The Sonus will give you the best of both worlds with various amplification.

They may not be hyper extended or analytical as they do not posses a metal tweeter. However they will get the music right and will a little more rock friendly.

Good luck..
I auditioned a pair of Paradigm S8's when the Paradigm rep was in town a couple of weeks ago. I am very impressed. Didn't listen to the S4's because when I make the jump I want a floorstander with strong bass. Imaging was top notch in spite of being set up in far less than ideal location at Advance Electonics here - I don't believe these folks have any idea what a good listening room is. It has been a while since I've listened to my friend's Electra 936's but I think both speakers are very good. As to your dilema, I'd get a bunch of the CD's you are most familiar with and go out and listen for extended periods of time to each and take your time to make up your mind.
I say go for the home grand piano's, they retail for 3000 on they come with a full warranty. I am getting a pair of home grand piano's from harvey.
"I much prefer the JM Labs over both the speakers you mentioned. I think Sonus Faber does very well with classical, vocal and jazz music but I doubt you'd find them as acceptable for rock."

Interesting how perceptions vary. I own Electra 926's, and there is no question but that the Cremona Auditors and Cremonas rock better (to my ear), and certainly WAY better then the JM Labs monitors I have heard (906, mini utopia, micro utopia).

I believe the big question between the two is how you personally are struck by the voicing of the two speaker lines, which in both cases is distinctive and not truly neutral (at least not in the way you would find in a British monitor/full range speaker from the likes of PMC, AVI, or ATC). The Sonus line tends to have a lush character to the sound, where as JM Labs seem to me to have a characteristic clarity and a somewhat bright emphasis deriving from the famous tweeter. As a friend of mine says, speakers are like ice cream – everyone has their favorite flavor. You just need to decide which flavor is for you.