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Most Honest Audio Magazine?
I also like UHF for the reasons listed above. 
Paradigm studio 80's to harsh, Parasound HCA-3500
I have the Studio 100v2 with Sonic Frontiers pre and Anthem MCA-20 amp. I'm using Virtual Dynamics Audition cables all the way through and the highs sound great. In fact they sounded a bit muted when I was in my apartment because the room was over... 
Help me with this choice Paradigm, JM Lab, Sonus
I auditioned a pair of Paradigm S8's when the Paradigm rep was in town a couple of weeks ago. I am very impressed. Didn't listen to the S4's because when I make the jump I want a floorstander with strong bass. Imaging was top notch in spite of bei... 
Question for Paradigm Studio 100 owners ...
I agree with Gmood1 about the positioning further out into the room. I've only ever heard them with the Anthem MCA-20 amp and bass is pretty decent but not what it would be with a better amp. I found one of the things that improved bass greatly in... 
Listening room ceiling type?
I plan to use 3" batts of rock wool insulation in the joists. I am not sure if I should fill the whole 9" space with them or maybe use two batts for 6" and leave a little dead air space or have some space between each layer of batting. 
Listening room ceiling type?
Thanks for the responses folks, it gives me much food for thought.Tom. 
what's your favorite album cover?
Nektar's album "Recycled". 
AC/DC remasters....
I have the remaster of Highway to Hell and it sounds good enough to listen to. I have three other CD's prior to remastering and the sound quality is among the worst I've heard. I won't even play them. Damn those money grubbing Ba$%@rd record compa... 
Sim Ad\udio Equinox
See also issue 149 of TAS. Rated very well. 
Ceiling Height
Rushton, I'll be building a listening room some time in the next year or so and will be restricted to approximately the same ceiling height as you. What are your over all dimensions if you don't mind my asking?Tom 
Guitar Solos
Robert Fripp from Brian Eno's album Here Come the Warm Jets. The track is Baby's on Fire. Wicked guitar. 
Srangest ,most out there sounding music
Pink Fairies - Never Never Land, early 70's British Acid Rock. This has been remastered and still sounds great today. I had an old scratched up LP I got from my cousin around 1976 or so. Standout tracks are Do It and Uncle Harry's Last Freak Out.N... 
Studio 100's need preamp/amp . Sunfire or NAD?
Paradigm bought Sonic Frontiers/ Anthem and basically retired the SF moniker and product line. Shame really as it was very good gear at a reasonable price. Their focus today is on the multi-channel market.The MCA 20 is a very decent amp for the mo... 
spdif vs toslink
Most audiophiles would consider a good coax better than toslink. If you read this forum often enough you will see plenty of evidence of that. Most of the audio magazines say the same thing. Having said that, what Sean says about electrically isola... 
Lovan Sovereign racks, thoughts?
Thanks for the input folks.