Help and advice on first potential international sale

I have an expensive amp and preamp for sale on Audiogon.  I live is the USA (NY) and a guy from Austrialia really wants them and I do not yet have any decent US offers.  I did my homework and the person is legit as best I can tell.  My initial proposal was to have him wire transfer to my bank and once it clears send the electronics.  He was not comfortable with that even though I have a good reputation in Audiogon and else where.  He proposed using an escrow service like the one below. They hold money until transaction is completed to our satisfaction. This escrow service is in Australia, he is willing to use a US service but I do not know of any.  Any advice?
an escrow service example suggestion from him below

I think the most appropriate and simplest checkvault (link below) a reputable Australian company.

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Wait for a USA buyer because if there a problem your screwed.Plus now is not the time to ship to Australia with all the health issues going on.