Helikon Mono - what settings are you using?

As a sequel to the Helikon loading thread - I'm curious what settings people are using for their Mono Helikons, or their mono Lyras in general, or even their stereo Lyras.

I've got mine mounted in a Graham 2.2.

Currently I've got VTA so that the arm is tipped up slightly at the post (using the 4mm = 1 degree formula, this would give 1.5 degrees SRA assuming the stylus is vertical when the arm is parallel - it's too small for me to see even with a flashlight).

This seems to have brought down surface noise. I'm unused to dealing with non conical/elliptical stylus shapes.

VTF is 1.6g.

Damping fluid is about 1/3 the way up the dipstick/bearing.

I'm running it pretty much flat-out into an Io Signature... just a tiny bit of loading. 68 dB gain on the Sig, plus my line stage.

Same loading (and almost the same VTA) as for my Ruby Benz (1 k ohm). Tracking force at 1.78 (plus or minus 0.02) gm. Never worried too much about the damping fluid in my Graham 1.5T (silly me)!