heard Sony's all digtial integrated AV/DVD recvrs?

Had the pleasure, or rather suprise the other day of hearing Sony's wonderful little all digital AV receiver(AVPS50ES?) the other day in 2 channel and surround. I must say I was very impressed by the clean sound I was hearing from the units for such cheap pricing!
The unit was all digital, from amp sections to tuner, to DVD/CD player, which was all built in. The unit must have weighed only like 25lbs or so, but sure didn't sound light weight! I was most impressed that such sound quality and performance could be packed into one small little package indeed.
For like $500 or so, you can buy one of these(I think that's right), which includes 5x100watts(although into 6ohm), a progressive DVD player, Super audio CD player(also playes MPEG 3's and CD-R's(?), as well as CD's of course), and has a digital tuner built in!..and it's no piece of cheese!..not to mention it looks good.
Evidently the amps being digital, put out completely digital pulses to the speakers, and only puts out analog at the speaker itself!...very cool indeed.
The sound seemed more powerful than about 60-70w(8ohm)/ch would indicate in my experience. Also, again, the sound was clean, clean, clean! It was certainly better sounding than most any 5channel DD/DTS AV receiver I've heard at anywhere near that price range! INfact, considering the lack of coloration I heard in the sound, I would stack the overall refinement of sound with much more expensive modesly powered separates I've heard! No kidding!
Have I heard better, of course. But for being unreasonably, rediculously cheap price wise, these units(AVPS50ES and AVPC70ES for the 5 CD/DVD changer versions with more power) are a real honest to God NO BRAINER!!!
Let's put it this way, you could easly spend a ton more and get not as good sound quality and performance from what I could gather!
I didn't get to see the unit, however, for it's video qualities. But it had component out, as well as progressive capabilities. And of course, the SACD playback, digital tuner, as well as Sony's excellent surround enhancements.
I'm just wondering if anyone else had tried or owns one of these cool units? I would like some more indepth feedback on what your eperiences with it has been.
I am thus far very intregued by these little dudes, as it seems they offer the best value all around for what they offer price-wise and performance wise! I'm a bit smitten.
Anyone care to comment?