has anyone tried playing an itunes library (on an ext. HD) on a newer mac with imusic?

i.e. will a new mac with imusic 'see' the itunes library on the HD, play music on it.

I've read conflicting reports, e.g. it might work, or "you can do it with 'retroactive' software". I suppose I could just find someone with a newer mac, see if they'll let me plug my HD into it, see if it'll open the itunes library, but I'm curious if anyone on this forum has done it - or tried and failed to do it.

I'm really hoping that when I replace my 10 y.o. macbook I won't have to manually import every file from my HD into imusic.



Application on newer OS is "Music" and it plays library created with old Itunes. I made large library with Itunes on older Mac Mini (2014) on external SSD, using ALAC format and it played fine when newer OS introduced "Music" (renamed Itunes). I did not like users interface, so I made it bit better by creating smart lists for each gender to show icons on the screen, but at the and I bought Jriver (now Music Center) and I like it a lot. Now I use Mac Mini M2 Pro and both applications (Music and Media Center) work fine. I just played Music - it works.