Has Anyone Tried Bendix 6094 Tubes to Replace EL84s?

Hi, All:

I was wondering whether anyone has experience is substituting Bendix 6094 tubes using adapters to replace EL84/6BQ5 tubes and if so, what did they find?  I have done some searches here and on Google and it seems there is little information other than a few users and in a Vacuum Tube Valley article indicating an increase in clarity with a decrease in gain, so I was seeking additional personal experiences.  I currently have a Quicksilver Headphone Amp using some RFT ECC83 foil getter input tubes and Amperex EL84 output tubes powering a pair of modified Kennerton Gjallarhorn GH50 JM Edition headphones streaming hi-rez files from Qobuz and listen mainly to classic and progressive rock as well as jazz. The phones are a 33 ohm load with 116 dB sensitivity, so they are an easy load for a SET amp.  Any insights would be terrific.  Thank you.