Has anyone listened to PAD's new Canorus cables

Looking for some feedback on Jim Aud's new cable that are replacing for the lack of better words, the 20th Anniversary Contego's .....thank you in advance
Have, I have not tried the new Canorus-yet.

I have tried the Proteus Provectus vs the newer Proteus Provectus Praesto revision. The Praesto revision seems quicker, lil better dynamics, and quieter (noticably) which yeilds better everything.

In my system, I have found I like the Proteus Provectus Praesto better than my previous dominus ferrox speaker or my previous 20th anniv interconnect. It seems much more transparent with better resolution and more even handed top to bottom. This isn't a knock on the 20th anniv or dom ferrox, they are both stupendous cables, just the proteus provectus praesto is killer good-to-in a different way.

I can also be hearing a additive effect by using a common model on cable from my tonearm all the way to speaker terminals.

Anyway, sorry I can't answer your question, but maybe my experience can help guide you a little.

Good luck !