Has anyone heard the new TJ Fullmusic KT88/c tubes

I can't find any info out there on the TJ Fullmusic KT88/c tubes, and was wondering if someone has heard them yet. They certainly look impressive! Please let me know your thoughts... Thanks!
I seen these tubes in a shop in Guangzhou. They are really nice looking tubes. The shops are reluctant to demo these hi price tubes because they can't sell them after there used. The shop said he has only sold two pairs. One man replaced his KT-88z Treasures and said he like them better. But that is the shop owners story. The Treasures sell for about $200 for a quad in China. The full music KT-88s sell for about $360 for the quad. I'm staying with my treasures for now. They also had some new tubes called Fuller KT-88c. They sell for about $300 for the quad. http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=7570326573 They look to made OEM from Shuguang. But they looked nice also.
I haven't tried the KT88 but I just tried the 12AX7 and they are very good. They compete with NOS. I liked them better than my 1950's RCA black plates so they now stay in my mono blocks. They are not made by Shuguang but by an independent company. If the 12AX7 is any indication of the quality, then I cant wait to hear the KT88's though they are expensive.
The Full Music, Fuller and Northern Electric KT 88 all look to be the same is anyone aware if they are in fact the same tube?