Has anyone comp. Epos and Axioms? Other suggestion

An older friend has asked me to help him upgrade his speakers. He has a 5 year old basic 100W Sony DD/DTS receiver, but uses it mostly to play LPs on a recent AudioTechnica turntable through his old RDI speakers. He is, however, interested in playing TV and DVD through this system too, where our current idea is to get a pair monitors or small floor standers, a matched center channel, and a sub.
I have so far come up with the ELS 3 Epos line or the Axiom M3ti/VP100 cominations, which would be complemented by a HSU sub. My question is which one (any other suggestions are welcome too), Epos or Axiom, would sound better GIVEN the crappy amplification? This is my greatest concern. There is an ad with a Triangle center and Zerius here on Audiogon that I would bid on in a heartbeat, but I fear those would be horrible (say bright!) with a basic receiver.
I might be able to persuade him to pick up a new Marantz entry level DTS receiver... (on sale localy), would that make any significant difference?
Comments, ideas?
I have owned Axiom M60's with an Onkyo receiver , the speakers were terrible for music . Quite revealing shall we say . They are ok for HT . I have heard the Epo's , a small stand mount , with a NAD receiver . They were not bad at all . I will probably get a pair for my HT set-up .
Axiom used to have a money back trial period . They also had used and blem products on their web site for sale .
For the price , I would go for the Epos .
Another inexpensive option would be Soliloquy . The company is in limbo , I believe , but it is quite a nice speaker and hard to beat in that price range .
Just my 2 cents worth .
Good luck .
I don't know the specs for the Epos but, the Axioms would not be a good match for his Sony.
Thank you Saki70 and Eldarado, that takes the Axioms of the list. I have never heard them.. so it would have been a shot in the dark anyway. But in the meantime I came up with PSB Image series (B15 or B25 and C40)... good reviews but then again, the question is how they respond to Sony receiver....

I have tried the following combinations:

EPOS 11 with an Onkyo 434 HT receiver - very good match

EPOS ELS 3 with Onkyo 434 HT receiver, Harman Kardon 3370 receiver;
Marantz 2240 vintage receiver - good match

NHT SB2 with Outlaw RR2150 receiver; Marantz 2240 vintage receiver; and
NAD C320BEE amplifier - superb match

Wharfedale Diamond 9.2 with Outlaw RR2150 receiver - very good match

Wharfedale Diamond 8.1 with Onkyo 434 receiver and Marantz 2240 vintage
receiver - very good match

Omega Super 3 with NAD C320BEE; Outlaw RR2150 receiver; Marantz 2240
receiver - poor match

B&W 302 with Onkyo 434 HT receiver, Harman Kardon 3370 receiver; Marantz
2240 vintage receiver - poor match

I would look at the new NHT Classic 2 and Wharfedale Diamonds 9.1 or 9.2
for starters. They will grow with an improved amplifier/receiver ... even

The NHT and Wharfedale lines offer a matched center channel.

If he wants to go with a new HT receiver, the Onkyo offerings are very solid
performers. Sensible Sound did a favorable review of several of them a few
months back. The Yamaha 657 also received excellent reviews.

Regards, Rich
Ascend Acoustics is a great buy in this price range and possibly the only >$1K speakers that feature SEAS tweeters. The 170SE monitor is ~$350.

For a good cheap surround amp the Panasonic XR series digital switching amps have great performance in the under $200 price group. I just pick up a used Panny XR25 off craigslist for a bedroom system and have been impressed.