Has anyone bought Gold Aero PXB300 tubes from Upscale Audio?

My VAC Renaissance 70/70 is going to need tubes, and VAC is in short supply right now. Plus they seem to be really expensive from them. So I was wondering of getting 4 matched pairs from Upscale? Or is there somewhere else that has good matched reliable tubes?


Upscale is a top shelf tube supplier. I've always had good luck with them for my tubes.

You mean Gold Lion not Gold Aero.

Upscale is dependable, as are TubeDepot, TheTubeStore for these tubes


Upscale is about as good a tube supplier I've ever used. By the same token, though, when I lived in L.A. I'd have endless fun prowling the various, dusty pro electronics shops for the things.

Yes, I meant Gold Lion Soviet Tubes, PX300B’s. I need 4 matched pairs! So their tube matching is good too? Thanks guys!

@facten @edcyn @nmolnar  Thanks guys! I got some coming from Tube Depot instead. Crisis averted!  There was a technical glitch trying to order from Upscale (Said I had to own a Prima Luna amp from them)  and I panicked wanting to ensure i get some tubes that should last for the next 5 years