Half-Speed Masters - are they worth double dipping?

I have pretty much read all that being said online, what is your personal experiences with half-speed mastered records. I see a growing trend in lot of re-issues now being sold with half-speed mastering.

The two records I am interested in are,

Ed Sheeran’s X -10 Anniversary and Police - 30th Anniversary Greatest Hits. 

One good thing is, they are reasonably priced and under $50 :-)


I am not impressed at all with 1/2 speed mastering. Like 180 gm records some of it is still garbage pressing. I really enjoy 45 RPM records, they are definitely better as long as you do not mind getting up every two or three songs to flip sides. I have the recently released Joe Walsh the Smoker You Are Analog Productions 45 and it is killer. I have not had a bad 45 rpm pressing yet. 

I have some half-speed mastered vinyl from the 70’s. It was truly amazing. But, that was then… don’t think I have any recent.

Ditto @ghdprentice. Mostly Japanese from the 70s. Pressing was good and they still sound wow to me on the rare occasions when played. 

I need to recheck my half speed LPs, like CBS mastersound Pink floyd: Wish you were here and Joe Jackson Night and day (mofi). My comments are in the "yes, but..." direction. A mixed bunch. On the other hand, I have generally been very satisfied with 45 rpm LPs.

To your original question

in earlier days half speed mastering did have

some loss in the bass frequencies but now that can be 

manipulated by cutting from a digital file and modern mastering technology

i have the Police Greatest Hits your speaking of and it is very balanced and dynamic . It would be a great choice if your looking for an all in one type record

Good luck Willy-T