Greatest American Invention that change music forever more: THE BASS DRUM PEDAL

This is an amazing documentary
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I'll watch the entire video later, but for now I can say the introduction of their bass drum pedal in the second decade of the 20th century was the start of the Ludwig Drum Company. They were already one of the three or four major drum companies around, but when their name was seen on the bass drum head of Ringo Starr on The Beatles first Ed Sullivan Show appearance, the Ludwig factory in Chicago had to go into triple-shifts (24 hour production!) to keep up with the demand for their drum sets. 
Bdp, I love the pic, assuming that is of you as a child,
and appropriate for you to answer this thread first.
Not to de-rail this but.... Tony Williams (Lifetime) song: Fred
He must be hitting 64th notes on the snare:)
R.I.P Tony and R.I.P Alan Holdsworth.

Yup @isochronism, it's my youngest sister and I on Christmas morning in Pacoima, California, 1955, I reckon. I didn't know it at the time, but Richie Valens lived not far away, and was probably practicing on his guitar at the time the pic was taken.