great and small bookshelf speaker-

This is what I need:
A speaker (front-ported?) that will not suffer too much for being on a shelf-
Less than a foot tall- and something that one might not feel the need to add a sub (very subjective) $1000-1500 new or used-
Reward to anyone supplying information leading to a conviction-
seriously, I will make a killer compilation of your favorite kind of music to the person who helps me get this right-
AVI Pro Nine Plus:

will fit your needs perfectly.
Email me for some more info.
The smaller Amphions sound REALLY good...of course Tyler Acoustics makes some small speakers that are wonderful as well. Good luck.
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Interesting that you say none of the M&K are ported, yet in the specs some mention different frequency response with port open or port closed. BTW, one small M&K was listed as 35 hz bottom end extension with port open and only 80 hz with the port closed. Big difference. Enough of a diference that a sub would be required with port closed.


Dynaudio Audience 42W if you can tolerate a 14" speaker. Or, perhaps, the 42C speakers.
You might audition the Von Schweikert VR-1. I have them sitting in bookshelves and they sound almost as good as they do on stands. Very realistic and believable soundstage.
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I recently had the same criteria. For less than a foot tall you could look at the following:
B&W CM1 $900 new, port can be plugged, I believe.
ProAc Tablette Reference 8 - @ $1400 new.
Dynaudio Focus 110 - @1400 new.

All are rear port. Don't know how deep your shelf is to interact with the rear ports.

At the size you are looking at, if ported it will be located on the rear. Not much room left in the front. Or sealed. I believe the Spendor S3/5 and Harbeth P3 are just at 12".

Don't know your associated equipment, but these are some I looked at with my solid state (Naim) gear.

Hope this helps.