Good Mission stand mount models? please advise.

Looking for feedback on good Mission stand mount speakers.

Old or new.

They've had many models over the years and must have made some good ones, which models?
Thanks in advance!
Some of the best small speakers I've heard were the old Mission 770s. They really were dynamic and detailed enough to be very good speakers for the bux. I speak of the "clear" woofer model, not the black woofer model. Very nice stands could be had for those, IIRC...

I also really like the 770's. I was a big Mission dealer back in the late 80's and early 90's. I sold a ton of that brand. I also like the 707's and the 737's.

I have a pair of the newer M31i's in my closet that are kick ass too.

It's kind of sad that the Mission brand isn't as popular as it once was. They really did make a tremendous speaker for the money. They've just fallen from grace I guess.
Good suggestions, the M72 stock was really good also. I upgraded my pair. The crossover with Auricaps, Audioquest Type 6 internal wiring and rope caulking to dampen the cabinet and then they were unbelievably good.
I have the Mission/Cyrus 782's and 781's. These came out as a replacement for the original 770's when Cyrus bought into Mission. In my opinion they are much better all around than the 770's.

I have seen a much later 782 that was a floor stander but never heard it. I think one of the reasons Mission lost a ton of sales is because Mission at one point said if you sell Mission speakers they will be you're flagship speaker. Ultimately that's what forced my local dealer out of business.