Goldmund JOB Stereo amplifier

I am interested in knowing of anybody that has direct experience with the Goldmund JOB stereo amplifier. It sounds very good (50w/8 ohms) for the asking price for a Swiss amp; ie, 1250. I am looking for a modestly powered amp to replace my Audio Note Conqueror amplifier I just sold. I prefer tubes but am open to a quality low powered SS amp. Am considering such things as a Bedini 25/25, Pass Aleph 3 (or 30), Spectral DMA50, or Levinson M29.

The JOB brand new from Swissland with a warranty at 1250 seems a decent deal if the sonics live up to its billing.
I'd go Aleph, the Spectral, then Levinson, the Bedini has no comment as I've never heard one. The Levinson last but by a smidgen, not a whole lot.

Interesting... The Bendini 25/25 is the real SCORE on that list, but also quite rare on the used market as the original owners will never sell them. A very sweet and articulate amplifier and my all time favorite sand amp. The original 25 watt Mark levinson ML-2 monos should be a consideration as well as the original Krell KSA-50.
How about a Final Labs Music-6? It's dead quiet and does PRAT a lot better than my 300b amp. For the first time in over 15 years I'm living without tubes..