Gold Note AP-7 stopped working- any advice?

Hello and happy new year,
I have an AP-7 amp. Accidentally I turned the volume up to 91, then changed the channel which was playing music. It was so loud that I turned the power off. Since then the amp does not turn on. No light, no reaction at all. Is it completely burned? Is there something to do? I bought it almost 6 years ago.


In case it did. Do you know if it is easy to replace if I ordered the right one?


@danigal I just did a quick web search on the GN AP7 amp it shows the fuse is located as part of the iec where the power cord goes but unfortunately doesn't give a value. If you remove it you should be able to read on the fuse itself it's value.

Manual says fuse is 1 amp. Located in power plug under cover on back of unit.

I removed the power plug an d found the fuse. there is one.

I cant tell if it is burnt or not. I guess I can buy one and replace?

Possibly if you have a good tech in your area that can take a look. Or if you like the GN sound go for their latest integrated the IS-1000 that can do streaming and is Roon ready. Yes not as powerful but would think it would sound wonderful. I use a GN PH-10 and love it.

past 1 year on a few forums iv been hearing break down issues with Gold Note stuff.

Bought a GN Amp that was a Demo PA-10 and was less than impressed and sold it and see the person who purchased it had it on the market also.

Yes, shorly after I bought the GN 6 years ago the remote function stopped working. I didn't want to send it all the way to italy so lived without the remote control, no big deal but also not ok for a hi fi amp.

Have you taken the cover off to see if there are fuses inside? I did not look at the schematic, but doubt this is a serious / expensive fix. Best wishes.