Give the Oracle an 'arm...

It's difficult to find a dealer that has analog equipment on display, so I'd like to ask the enlightened. Of the following three 'arms, which would work best: Graham 2.0, Kuzma Stogi or Wilson-Benesch Act 2.0. Does anyone have cartridge recommendations? I'm also using an EAR 834P, Bryston 3B-ST, Totme Model 1 Sig and Cardas Neutral Ref. and Cross Bi-Wire.
where do you live? my audio dealer usually has all 3 arms in stock. what is the age of the oracle? if it's a new or "newer" model, i'd definitely go with the graham. i'm not sure what the phono gain is like on the ear. are you looking to use a stepup or run directly into the pre? in either event, i'd recommend the benz micro that meets your budget and system. for some additional info visit if you want the name and phone no. of my audio dealer, you may email me. have fun in the realm of analouge.
I have had several Oracle tables with various arms, now using MkV with Wheaton Triplanar V, one of my favorite combinations. Of the arms you mention, I'd go with the Wilson-Benesch Act 2.0. Sounds great, looks even better. Putting a Graham on an Oracle is missing the point of both.
Thanks for the responses I don't know if I will ever be able to hear an 'arm on the 'table before purchase, so I'd like to ask Khrys a question. If I put a Graham on the Oracle, what will I be missing? Will the system become too neutral, will I miss out on some warmth? Would the right cartridge give me more of those?
Sgh, IMO the Graham does indeed "neutralize" the Oracle somewhat and you may like that. My Oracle/Triplanar is certainly not the most accurate but I really like the way it sounds. I have tended to put more accurate cartridges in the arm but I'm sure you could get a nice synergy between a more romantic cartridge like a Koetsu with the Graham on the Oracle. I have not been entirely satisfied with the armboard for the Oracle and the Graham.
If you like it warm, rich, detailed, open, airy, deep, and explosive when needed, try Morch DP-6 with Clearaudio Victory H. And your Oracle will even look better.
i currently use a sumiko premiere ft-3 on my oracle - it's nice, but i, too, think i could do better. so, i ordered an origin-live-modified rega rb-250 w/adjustable-vta mounting-base. according to origin-live, it's supposed to be even better than their modified rb900 - the stock-version of which is known to be a giant-killer in its own right. should arrive any time, now; i am looking forward. and, the price is reasonable enuff, that i had enuff $$$ left-over for one of their dc power-supplies - another claimed giant-killer. the whole package runs ~$700usa, delivered. (i passed on their interconnects; would have added ~$100). should help my oracle, which has all mk-v mods excepting its stock power-supply. i think it would take a *lot* more money to better this set-up. doug
Doug, I like your set-up very much. After much experience and heartache I can attest the Oracle's superiority save the Walker, Forsell and Rockport. Unless you have an extra $50k to invest, buy the Oracle's Turbo power supply. It produces an uncompromising midrange with literally perfect tonal accuracy. Don't be deceived by the hype.
hi khrys, i was gonna get the oracle turbo p/s, but from what i've read about the origin-live power supply, i gotta believe it's at least the equal of the oracle-turbo, & at less than 1/5 the price. check out origin-live'w www, & reviews of their p/s. doug