Genesis question...

I noticed the Genesis albums I want to purchase have been remastered, but I do not want to buy the ones that come with the DVD-I just want the music and nothing else.

Aside from not wanting or needing the DVD portion, I also do not want to pay $17.99 and above for these titles.

and I noticed that the studio songs from "three Sides Live" is now missing and replaced with live versions of songs I had never heard before do not like.

So my questions are-

1) Are these albums available as CD-only versions?

2) Where to get the studio songs from "three Sides Live" without having to buy any of the Genesis box sets?
I think the version you are looking for is 810 006-2

It has: Paperlate, You Might Recall, Me & Virgil, Evidence Of Autumn and Open Door

You could save a search for it in ebay.

Good luck.