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Help Me select Mini
I received a new mach2 mini on May 3. I placed my order with this number 505-249-4452. 
Will a quality USB cable make a difference....
I have recently bought a Mach2 mini and an Empiricle Off Ramp 4(ultraclocks, Hynes Regulator). This is my first try at computer audio. These were put into my system inplace of my transport a Krell MD10. The computer system (Pure Music) beat my tra... 
Best shipper for 200lb amp?
Mclsound, It seems that Pilot Air worked well for you. It worked great for me that's why I recommended them. Congrats. 
Best shipper for 200lb amp?
Call Sacramento for a quote let them know you need a pickup with a liftgate. If you can pickup the amp at Buffalo you will save money. Good Luck.http://www.pilotair.com/Pages/listing.aspx?StationCode=SMFSacramento - SMF826 National DriveSuite 190S... 
Best shipper for 200lb amp?
I would second Pilot Air. I had a set of Andra II's shipped from SF CA to JFK in 4 days for $275. That's 2 large crates at 250lbs ea. I got the tip from reading here on AG. 
Genesis question...
I think the version you are looking for is 810 006-2It has: Paperlate, You Might Recall, Me & Virgil, Evidence Of Autumn and Open DoorYou could save a search for it in ebay.Good luck. 
Ultimate challenge biggest bang speaker
I own Tyler Taylo Reference III's with outboard crossovers.They replaced Thiel 3.6's. I will never look back. I was fortunate enough to try a friend's set in my home using my equipment. It was an easy decision to upgrade. I had a pleasant experien... 
Problem with Transport 3
You can try emailing the parts connexion. The people who designed the transport 3 are there. Best of luck.http://partsconnexion.com/ 
Anyone hear of the Krell MD-20 transport?
From the Krell MD-20 manual:Transport: Modified Phillips CDM-1 MKII with Hall effect motor, swing-arm design unicast frame.Laser: Single Beam with glass lens.Output: Digital only in industry standard SPDIF format.1 FIBER OPTIC via standard interfa... 
Philips CDM3 Transport
I first went to Krell. I was told the unit was worthless. Thay say no parts are availible. Thanks for your response.