Full range speaker/high power amp

I'm considering a DIY project and build a medium sized speaker using a full range driver, something like an Alpair Pensil or a similarly sized horn-loaded design. As you all know, these (types) speakers are generally very efficient and most people pair them with a low powered tube amplifiers for obvious reasons. My plans are to ultimately either buy or build a tube integrated to pair with these speakers but that will not happen probably until summer or even later. My question is has anyone paired such speakers with relatively high powered amplifiers and how did they sound. I'm obviously aware of the power handing considerations so my question is really about the sound quality rather than the risk of damage. The amp is a Vincent hybrid putting out 150/300 @ 8/4 ohms and the speakers will probably be >93 dB sensitivity. Thanks.
I think your  Vincent Hybrid would be fine to use assuming you don't turn the volume up to the point that you damage the speakers.

When you use high efficiency speakers, you need to be careful with how much gain your other components have. Its very easy to get gain related noise/hiss. Price/quality is not a factor. You can still get a hiss regardless of how good your other components are.
I'm have converted an 11'X13' bedroom into a music room for occasional near field listening at low to medium volumes.These speakers will initially replace my good old JBL L40s I've owned since college. The issues around unwanted hum, hiss, or even some graininess are what I'm worried about., especially since they are near field. I'm just wondering if anyone has actually tried highly sensitive speakers paired with high power, or even mid power SS amp/preamp sources and the issues they faced.
The amp should be fine, but the gain from the pre needs to be considered. The speakers are relatively efficient and with too much gain the power curve will be behind the volume. They will be loud but sound thin. 
I had some Pensils for awhile and actually felt that they sounded better with higher powered amps vs. the low wattage SET's that I tried them with.
Thanks for all the inputs. I'm looking at a few different full range/ single driver design options that I feel comfortable to build myself. Great winter project (alongside of my motorcycle engine rebuilding) to take on. Of course, the real cool part of it is the incredible learning experience. Glad to learn Pensils sound good with higher powered SS amps. Can't wait to hear some of those female jazz singers thru a good quality full range driver.