Fort Wayne, IN

Just want to start a thread to connect with folks in Northern Indiana who love audio and want to share their insights and knowledge.
I live in Grand Rapids, MI, but my in laws live in Fort Wayne. As such, I find I spend a fair amount of time there. I would be interested in knowing about any get togethers.
Bobgates and S7horton....WELCOME! We all needed something closer to home. Tell me about your systems and your next upgrade....and if you've got anything for sale.
The SEAMUS (Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States) conference is in Fort Wayne this year at the Sweetwater campus . . . so if you like this kind of stuff (as I do), you'll be right in the epicenter this April.
Oh Kirkus, this is good. This is very good. Sweetwater just built a brand new massive, state-of-the-art facility here in Fort Wayne. I've never been to the campus but always wanted to go. Just what is SEAMUS in particular?
SEAMUS is an academic organization that focuses on contemporary electro-acoustic composition; that is, compositions that are designed to be performed by an amagalm of live performers and electronic sounds, the latter are usually computer-synthesized or assembled on tape. This type of work was pioneered in the 20th century by composers such as Edgard Varese, Morton Subotnick, Roger Reynolds, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Milton Babbitt, Iannis Xenakis, Vladimir Usachevsky, etc. etc. (please pardon any spelling mistakes) . . .

The SEAMUS conference is a big deal, probably one of the most prestigous of its type in the world . . . and definately the one in North America. I will say that this type of music is pretty avant-garde, "out-there" stuff, so it's not exactly American Idol . . . but a big deal to contemporary composers.

My wife is a flutist and will actually be performing a piece at this conference - it's written for solo flute (specifically for her) and computer. The computer part is written in Max MSP, and combines sampled and electronic sounds with live flute, which is then also processed in real-time by the program. The result is pretty damn cool . . .

Anyway, I'm not sure whether or not I can make it to the conference, but I'd REALLY like to. I also like Northern Indiana . . . when I was a kid I spent summers at Lake Wawasee.
If it's not too expensive,I'd love to attend this conference at Sweetwater Sound and listen to this music! Let me know if you could attend. I'd go just to listen to your wife play--I love flute music.
I live in Mishawaka IN, very close to Notre Dame and South Bend. If anyone would like to get together let me know.
Yes there is I'm New Haven, and have been into audio for 35 plus years. Using Cary audio SLI-80 right now
There used to be a group of about 10 guys that met out southwest about 2 years ago but it kinda went by the wayside. Im in Ft Wayne over by north side high school
been interested for about 25 yrs. Infinity kappa 8 and polk sda srs and some class d is in the lineup currently.
Looking for audiophiles in the greater Lafayette area. I am interested in getting an Audio Society in the area.
I'm old (74) but still have good hearing.  I used to be involved in a causal audio group in Ft Wayne in the 80s, but lost track of everyone.  I still have my old system and it sounds as good as ever at least to me.  What I've done in recent years involves room acoustics and speaker placement to maximize the stereo illusion.  That's what makes listening to music "magic" for me.  I would like to get to know local people and share what I know and learn what has been developed in the last 25 years since I stopped my involvement in the hobby.
Hello Scottdog,
I would love to hear about your system.  I have B&W speakers, Classe amps and prepro, and JL Audio sub.  Pretty happy in Fort Wayne.
My system is old and obsolete by manufacturers that are largely out of business, but for what it's worth:
AR turntable highly modified
Magnapan Unitrac I tonearm
Sumiko Talisman S cartridge
Little Bear tube preamp (6N3, 6Z4)
Hafler DH200 amps highly modified
Accoustat model II
M&K Goliath II subs
Nondescript cables
For me it's not about the list of equipment, but what it sounds like and I think it sounds pretty good.  I've been isolated from audio for 25 years and it's easy to delude yourself into thinking it sounds good when others might laugh.  With no high end audio stores in Ft Wayne I have no basis for comparison.  I am hoping to connect with local audiophiles to hear what others have achieved to see how my system compares, it might be good or it might suck.


I saw that you responded and suggested lunch but now I can't find your post.  I thought there was a way to send personal messages through this forum but I can't figure out how to do it and I don't see a way to connect without some personal contact information like email address or phone number which I don't want to put out there for everyone to see.  So yes I would be glade to meet you for lunch sometime, but how do we arrange that?


I might be interested in a FW area audio club. I am using Tubes4HiFi M125 monoblocks, SP14 preamp from them as well, a recapped denon dp-67L, Black Ice audio FX tube DAC, and vintage ADS L1590/2. It would be fun I think to have some sort of a listening club.




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