Fixing up a Fisher KX-200

I have an old fisher KX-200 that needs some new parts but i cant seem to find any of the oem parts or new equivalent parts. The cardboard/paper can capacitor marked C1 seems to be totally buggered (the out side shell of the cap can spin even when the cap is solidly mounted) it is labeled 200Mfd 250vdc.
I just finished rebuilding a KX-200 and the only option you have is to get 2 560 Uf 400 volt low ESR caps. One is for C1 and the other is for C2B. I used nichicon brand.

Its OK that the cardboard/paper shell can spin. Its not actually part of the capacitor inside. Its just glued on.

That cap is part of the voltage doubler circuit; here is a suitable replacement that won't need the cardboard tube, but you will need a clamp to mount it, also available from the same site:
All the electrolytic capacitors in the power supply should be replaced, else the power transformer is at risk!

There are other caps on that site that will probably work for the other capacitor cans as well. As a general rule of thumb, you can use a cap with a higher rated voltage and slightly higher capacitance. You can't go the other way!!
hammy1750 have you replaced the big paper cap yet? I just finished restoring a kx-200 and replaced all 4 cap cans with aftermarket cap cans. You can buy replacement cap cans for your amp. Ben
In the end I decided to have the amp professionally recaped and modded so that i can bias the 4 output tubes individualy. Thank you for your help any ways!