Finally...subwoofer that's aesthetically pleasing!

Saw these in a trade mag.

$750K for the set according to the article.

If one has the wallet for this kind of excess-HELL YEAH!

I personally think a pair of the old Stradivari would compliment the subs more than the Suprema towers. Perhaps not a sonic match, but that would only be a $20/30K goof-put those in the guest room.

I have to contact SF to see if they’ll sell another pair of subs for my SWARM setup.

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Suprema Tech Specs | Sonus faber



The lil KEF KC62 microsubs (white or grey) look nice with modern home decor.

One could purchase a couple of Ryhtmik drivers and diy a open baffle sub with a very a nice artistic design. hardwood and stain.

In general, if many subs were not just black boxes and made to look like hardwood cabinets/ blend with furniture, WAF would go up.

The Sonus Fabooboo looks like a sinister medieval torture device.

Hmm, those are nice looking but wonder how they perform.

I'm expecting these within the next week or so pretty excited for them.

Harbottle C415

C415 Prototype Build

Not to be "that guy". I'm just wondering the actual component and labor cost. I cannot believe its only a 40% markup

$750K and the subs are passive.  What a day we live in.  But whoever buys these doesn't even care as value is not even close to a consideration.

@james633 wrote:

Just and FIY, the subs are passive. They had the 2000 watt Mac amps driving the sub section…

@mganga wrote:

$750K and the subs are passive. What a day we live in. But whoever buys these doesn’t even care as value is not even close to a consideration.

The Suprema subs themselves are passive (as opposed to active, rather than just powered) insofar they don’t have built-in amps and electronic crossover/DSP, but they don’t house any crossover components that would be met by the output side of the amp(s) that’s supposed to feed the 15" woofers either, so they’re intended for outboard active configuration with the supplied line-level electronic crossover and amps of one’s own choice. The main towers however are passively configured with built-in crossovers, and optionally can be high-passed through their active XO integrating them with the subs - an important feature.

Sonus Faber are to be commended for realizing the importance and necessity of housing the subs section separately to the mains, both for the sheer size required of the LF-range as well as the opportunity offered to place the subs and mains where each of them will perform more optimally than if they shared the same enclosure and position.

However, and this is not trivial, they seem also to have realized the importance of using the same amps (again, optionally) for both the subs and mains sections, an awareness here that is rarely if ever really seen with subs and mains divided speaker systems, even statement products. They could have supplied their subs with built-in amps, typically class-D, but I’m sure they decided not to for the reason just outlined.

Going for tonal coherency top-to-bottom when using separately housed subs is vital, in the same manner that’s given when using a single stereo amp to power the total frequency range of passively configured speakers, but with the advantage of having an extra amp exclusively powering the subs, while the mains amp - when high-passing the main speakers - will be relieved of LF power requirement. It’s what I’ve found out myself, i.e.: the importance of using what’s essentially similar amps top to bottom with subs and high-passed mains, although I run both the mains and subs actively.

I’m not trying to defend the $750k total-pricing of the Supremas, but kudos to them for not stuffing amps into the subs that would then be different from the ones used for the mains. At that price level I can only assume the buyer will not be troubled with the extra investment needed for separate subs amp(s), not least when there’s potential for an even better, more coherent sonic outcome.