Fiber Fans/Melco C1 SFP+ Direct Attach Cable

I replaced my top tier Finisar SFP's & Corning Premium Fiber with the Melco C1 SFP+ Direct Attach Cable. This cable was not cheap (around $850-$950). Ordered mine from Wally at Underwood HiFi. It was shipped quickly from Luxman. The Melco C1 cable connects 2 Sonore Optical Modules Deluxe that are between Verizon Fios G-3100 router & switch. Muon Pro & Muon Pro Streaming Cable are between switch & streamer.

No need for A/B test because the differences were obvious & quite pleasant indeed. Signifantly deeper soundstage & with that an even more realistic feel for the room, more distance between layers, as if you can see & hear the other side of the instrument, creating a more 3D image. It's as if you can reach out & hold each note in your hands.

Suffice to say, I am grinning from ear to ear. I will happily provide more feedback when the run-in process is complete.

Place the Melco C1 in your isolated system & you'll be in for a real treat.