Favorite Subwoofer

What's yours, and why? Also, please list what speakers you are using them with.

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I tried a number of subs before settling for the one I have been using for some time. It is a Talon "The Roc".
I like it because it can keep up with my speakers.I am now using it with a pair of Rosinante Evolution 2-way speakers.
I have it placed in the inside front wall corner.
The crossover is set at 80Hz and the volume at 12:00.
I can't hear it,but I would certainly miss it if it were not there.
Two of the pioneer SW8mk2 designed by Andrew Jones with my Cain &
Cain Abbys for the stereo setup. Three different ones downstairs in the HT
with Tannoy Mercury MX series speakers.
I have had different versions of Verity Speakers for years as my main speakers. My current main speakers are SarastroII's. When I purchased the subs I had Parsiful Encore.

I have had Aerial Acoustics Model SW12, it is fast and very nice sounding sub you can adjust volume and other settings with the remote it comes with also has LFE input. Ended up being just too large to have 2 in the front of the room.

Next 2 Rel StadiumIII's, size is large but could work with and again very nice sub also has LFE input. Was not fast enough for 2 channel IMO.

Now I have 2 JL Audio f113's, small footprint very very fast, easy to setup for 2 channel but had to add a crossover for LFE input. The best sounding sub for me to date.

I crossover at 35HZ as the front speakers have 11" woofers and do not need much help in 2 channel but they do load the room and are great for movies. I still have 1 of the Rel's and use it as a rear sub for movies.
A pair of Rythmik F-12s used (primarily) with Ohm 100s, but also Maggie MMGs on occasion. Room corrected and crossed digitally at my Onkyo pre-pro via Audyssey. Certainly the best subwoofer performance I've achieved. And I definitely have had several goes at it since my first shot (M&K sub with Kef Corelli mains) back in the '70s.
Wilson Benesch Torus Infrasonic Generators...Period!
Ultra fast,tonally rich,endlessly ajustable, cosmetically WAF,beautifully constructed,paired with Raidho D1.

I very highly endorse REL. These subwoofer(s) are very musical, easy to place and integrate into any system. Buy one new or used it will not matter, as, they are all outstanding!
Keep us posted on your buying decision. Happy Listening!
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Tubedoctor50-you may have noticed my current stereo subs are very inexpensive compared to others listed. I also have much more costly subs,but, they are in my HT doing various duties. I tried them all individually with the stereo setup with mixed results and never completely satisfied. My room is 17D x 35W & cathedral ceilings. My little 8in well-designed subs may not shake the house but, easily stay with the fostex drivers and provide a coherency and musicality not achieved before.
I too have 2 F-113 subs in the front crossing over at about 60 hz.
I have my main speakers Egglestons Works Andra 2 out in the room about 8 feet. I also have an older M&K sub behind me in the center at the back wall.

For home theater I add a couple more subs into the mix. Cant have too much bass for that deep impact in some movies. (Although my wife hates it.)

Finding that low crossover point that allows the best of the lows to integrate with the main speakers is a challenge and the F-113 blend in very well.
I calibrate each F-113 individually , then together with a DSPpeaker unit getting them together with the room.
awesome setup, perfect complement to the maggies, very easy to blend, plus the bottom end is deep and clean.
Sorry about above comment, I have a pair of Rythmik F-15 hp works very nice with my Maggies

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Wilson Benesch Torus Infrasonic Generators...Period!
Ultra fast,tonally rich,endlessly ajustable, cosmetically WAF,beautifully constructed..
+ 1. This 'sub' offers great high end bang for the buck & is the only 'subwoofer' which is capable of matching the speed of fast drivers like ribbons, diamond, beryllium etc.