EtherRegen question

My current system is an Antipodes K40 server, which connects directly to my Weiss DAC 502.  I'm swapping the Weiss out for a Lumin X1.  My question is if I run the ethernet connection directly to an EtherRegen, and then out to the K40, will that clean up any signal issues for both the K40 and X1, therefore, theoretically sounding better?  Thanks a bunch.




Thanks, Fuzz. Am I correct to assume that there would be no additional benefit to running an additional EtherRegen off the back of the K40 to the X1?

I believe you will want to run it in between the Antipodes and the Lumin. Check out their sponsored forum for more info. 
I have mine set up between a Melco server and a Bricasti M3 w/Network card. Sounds great and got a nice little bump by adding a Farad super 3 PS to the EtherRegen. 

I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what you do. The etherRegen accepts the lan and then another lan from it to your server. How could you put another ER in between the server and DAC? 

Hi, Bruno.  I clearly have no idea what I'm doing (I'm not being sarcastic), which is why I'm asking.  It sounds like I only need the ER from the wall to the server and then run my regular ethernet connection from the K40 to the X1.  Is that correct?  

2nd question... how does the ER compare to other filters?  Is this the one to go with?



The Melco has an Ethernet in and out. Melco>Etheregen>Bricasti M3. All Ethernet based.  No USB   Using Roon as a controller . Melco set up as a Nas .  Getting the benefits of Melco’s excellent filtering and the ER ‘s magic. 


please google Uptone Etheregen. Go to their sponsored forum. You will learn everything you need to know. 

The ER is excellent for the Lumin X1. The ideal placement would be right before the X1 using the 'B' side of the ER as the final connection to the X1. If you observe the A-side/B-side isolation needed avoiding mixing power supplies and cables, then the end result will be a wide open soundstage with excellent transparency. You can push it even further with the addition of an external clock but you will never know the difference until you try it and it sounds great without one. I use the ER with the X1 and highly recommend it.

Good luck finding an ER though as it is no longer in production.

Thanks, guys.  I didn't realize that the ER was out of production.  I'm now looking at NA Muon as an alternative.   Thoughts?



Ok I see now,  he has another Ethernet connection to tap into. I wasn't aware of the EtheRegen non availability, glad I bought one last year. The double emperor clock along with an Afterdark lps has made a substantial upgrade when using the ether regen with my lowly standard evo.  Those usb decrapperfiers do come up for sale used quite often. I believe others with more high end servers no longer need them! 


Since your original interest appears to be cleaning up the network and not just focused on the X1, I believe you will see benefits with the Muon but I have no experience with it. Curios on what is prompting the move from the Weiss 502 to the Lumin. 


The ER with the AD Clock is a killer addition to any network. Uptone developed the product but the users took it to another level as we are rightfully supposed to do :) The ER is simply a great economical solution for reclocking a network. Love this magical device.

@wvbossfan I love the Weiss.  In my office I want to have the capability to stream from Spotify, which is one of the reasons I chose to grab the X1.  I'm likely going to pair up the Weiss with a Grimm MU1 for my home at some point in the future, so the Weiss will still get plenty of use.  



My Network Acoustics Muon filter System made a big improvement between my EtherRegen any my  Tambaqui DAC, or subsequently between my 
EtherRegen and my Auralic Aries G/2.1 streamer.