Esoteric DV-50: Tweaks, Up-sample settings, etc.

Hello All;
I would like to hear from DV-50 owners out there who have fine tuned their units with various powercords, isolation devices or stands, EMF/RFI tweeks, cables etc. Have you found an Up-sample setting that seems to work well, most of the time, with all discs? I have found that some older discs do not benifit from up-sampling. Are you using the single-ended or balanced outs?
I am currently using the XLR outs with HMS balanced cable, but the gain is super high.
What is the consensus on the ground wire hook-up?
Are most of you using it, and if so are you grounding to the pre-amp, amp or to the screw on the receptacle cover plate?
Leave the unit powered up all the time? Shut down occasionally?
I really appreciate, in advance, all of your input regrding these subjects.
Thanks; Tim
I will be getting my DV-50 delivered any day. Would be interested in any feedback on present and past owners.
Thinking of useing either my Virtual Dynamics Nite cord or my BMI Shark cord.
I have heard running a ground wire from the DV-50 to either a ground on your amp or straight to the wall outlet ground makes a signifigant improvement in sound. Will be running balanced Purist Venustas cables to my Placette passive preamp(have to use XLR-RCA adapters for the preamp).
As with my past Sources, I will keep the DV-50 powered up 24/7.
Disclaimer: I am a dealer who sells Esoteric and Cardas.

I've found that the maximum upsampling seems to work the best although one of my customers reports that he prefers the 705 setting (he's one of them there NOS tube guys if this is any indication).

I've had good results with the Cardas Golden Reference power cord and the PS Audio Statement. The GC seems to bring out the midrange more but the PS is a bit more linear. The aftermarket power cords do make a major improvment. One of my customers says he has had great results using the JPS digital AC.

I don't ground mine but do leave it on 24/7. I did notice that this player became much better after 200 hours of playing a break in disk on repeat. A much larger difference than usual with cd players. I don't notice a big difference between balanced and single ended. The player does seem to benefit from top shelf cabling.
Hi. My experience has been that on larger works the R-DOT plus FIR works best, but om smaller groups and especially solo instruments R-DOT alone is preferable--less bass, more lower midrange clarity. I don't leave it on all the time. After an hour warmup it seems just as good. I found balanced connection was far superior to single-ended. HMS Gran Finale balanced is marvelous with the unit, but Purist Dominus Rev. B is even better (although more than twice as expensive). Have only used an Absolute power cord on it so can't comment about various ones, but I'm not a big power cord believer for source components and preamps--unlike interconnects, I find the differences between them change the sound of the unit, but don't necessarily improve it. (Difference seems to be most helpful on power amps, however--there I have found a significant improvement with expensive cords.) Unit improves noticeably up to 200 hours. Great player, and since I also have a Classe Omega CD/SACD player and a dCS Purcell and Elgar, that's saying a lot. Have also found the Esoteric benefits from isolation; I have it resting on a Signal Guard II isolation platform, spiked feet resting in four Aurios Pros. The Esoteric is really a hell of a bargain.
I also have found the DV-50 to be an excellent value, considering everything it does. As to interconnects, I started with Cardas Golden Reference, but found the upper mids too bright. I have had the best results with Nirvana SX Ltd. balanced cables. The JPS digital AC adds more detail without edge, and the DV50 is supported well on the Signal Guard II isolation platform. However, I do not use cones under the signal guard. It is a remarkable player, truthful, but not fatiguing.
Am curious as to suggestions for RCA interconnect suggestions for the following gear: Musical Fidelity Trivista 300 integrated amp, Audioquest Everest speaker cables, and Thiel 7.2 speakers. Am currently using Cardas Golden Reference with the slight upper mid brightness. Am using Rick Kern analog moddified DV-50; however, never had a chance to hear it prior to mods so can't compare. Thanks for any suggestions.
I used to own the Esoteric DV-50 and I tried many isolation devices, from pucks & cones (including titanium) to platforms, and the best solution thus far has been the Gingko Cloud 10 platform that provides vertical and horizontal isolation. If interested, you can go to
Career........ have you heard or read about Argent Audio's "Pursang" cables. They have superb tonal balance, detail, bass control, and clarity. The Pursang is a silver cable, and contrary to myth, this silver cable is very smooth and dynamic, without the upper glare or brightness.
Thanks Hawaiikid. By any chance would you know how the Pursang compares with Purist Audio Dominus or Transparent Reference XL or other high end interconnects aside from the Nordost comparisons made with the Pursang? Thanks.
Interesting that no one suggested looking inside the unit for parts to upgrade.

If you looking for just checkbook plug and play mods/tweaks, suggest you try the Audience Power Cable and Au24 interconnects if you're looking to produce music rather than just hifi effects.
Career..... I have tried and owned both Argent Audio Pursang and Purist Audio Dominus "digital" cables. The most obvious difference is the price, with the Pursang as the clear winner (about one-third the cost of the Purist cable). On the other hand, the Dominus was superior, with the most notable difference in the foundation dynamics and cutting through quality (backround instruments come to the forefront for a slightly more accurate presentation).

Overall, it is my opinion the Pursang is the better buy, especially since the Pursang is more affordable and is truly a very high-end cable. The Pursang is widely regarded for its coherency, detail, musicality, and tonal balance. Just to let you know that I tried many other cables in my system, and I've settled on the Pursang interconnects and speaker cables (with the Dominus digital cable).

If money is not an object, than I'd give the nod to the Purist Audio Dominus cables.
I'm so glad to find this post! My DV-50 has been in the house about three weeks and it still never misses a chance to make me break out in grins...
I'm using the Audioquest Panther RCAs and they seem very well-suited. Admittedly, my player is still "breaking in" somewhat...
The RDOT / FIR filters are still being auditioned, although I agree with another post on this thread: at times, the RDOT+FIR will sound a bit "hashy" with a bad CD (those "relics" from the 80s...). But for almost everything else, I've left the RDOT+FIR filter combo in place. It seems to give the music "heft" a good way.
I haven't tried grounding the player to the amp yet. Has anyone ?????
I have to admit, I'm a big fan of this player, but it has one major flaw.. The DV-50 will expose any improvement, as well as any detriment, you bring to the system... For instance, (and I know this isn't REALLY a problem, but bear with me): put a better cable in the signal path and the sound jumps up quite a bit.. you begin to get that nagging "audio-enthusiast" question banging around in your head, "well, maybe if I add this ONE MORE BYBEE FILTER...". I can't remember wanting to tweak my system like I have since the DV-50 showed up.. you just want to put it in the best environment... it seems so "up to the task"...
I agree with Jeff s12a - and I've only had mine for 4 days! My remote doesnt work - is a light supposed to come on in the remote? I'm hoping its the remote and not the unit's "eye" that is defective. Hate to ship that monster back! Because the remote doesnt work, I cant keep playing it on repeat, so it will take forever to break in - until they fix it.
Any remote problems, anyone?
Springbok10: The DV-50's remote is not lighted. My remote works fine, but I seem to remember that on the Sony SCD 777 ES, there was a switch on the back panel to select either of two remotes. I accidently moved this switch several times, and had to return it to the correct position to enable the remote. I'm not sure if the DV-50 has such a switch, since the rear panel cannot be easily accessed in my cabinet. Check your owners manual, and also check to see if your remote's batteries are inserted correctly.
I cant reach the back of my unit either, without moving about 100 lbs of equipment - took 2 days to install! The manual says nothing about a switch.
See my new thread on TEAC's response to the defective remote!
Would be grateful for some more comments on the upsampling performance. The previous comments on what types of music was especially helpful! Oh Yeah the NOS tubes too. I have a tube pre/Headphone amp.

I have been considering the DV-50 vs the X-30(Redbook only but with New VRDS). The X-30 does have RDOT but not the FIR. X-30 costs about $2K vs the $3.5k Tokyo street price of the DV-50. While the SACD is nice, DVD-A(ho-hum not that interested but if bundled with a great player what the heck). Video-very Unnecessary. Thus interest in X-30 save some $ for cables, other equip/SW or future upgrade, do not pay for features I do not need/want.

The DV-50 appears to be slightly better value given features, but for me not really a strong desire. I only own two SACDs(for listening tests). I am buying vinyl instead for new music and/or upgrading my redbook SW. Desire to wait another year or so b4 delving into SACD/DVD-A.

Of course my ears matter most. I am trying to do some A/Bs but takes time and hard to draw a conclusion in mini-sessions. Both sound great. The FIR does seem to jazz things up a little more with RDOT, but hard to decide if the sound is preferred, dif, though nice option to have.

The X-30 with new VRDS should not have the hidden jitter issue of the DV-50*I say hidden since I can NOT notice. Only read about it being detected while testing with an analyzer.

There is unlikely to be an X-30 or even X-50wVU(uses Wadia DAC). But guessing the DV-50 is as close as will get and some of the comments on cables, etc... may be useful.
Springbok10: Where did you post your comments about TEAC? I can't find your "new thread".
I guess it didn't make it!!
I submitted it - maybe the editors didn't approve of it! I was complaining about the fact that my brand-new DV-50 had a defective remote - but TEAC made good and came through - with a little push from the Cable Company - and overnighted me a new remote next day! Bravo, deserve thanks for that...........
by the way, I tried a Siltech GX 30 -5 on it, connected to my preamp (ML Ref 32) and it sounded great, but I wasnt ready to spend over a grand on a 6 foot power cord, so sent it back while I wait for the Michael Wolff Ribbon source, to try. I am currently using the stock cord and will try it against the Ribbon. Will keep you posted. (If interested)
Kana813 has a good point. Shipped mine off to Great Northern Sound Co for them to play around with and mod... On its way out was around 60% on for redbook performance against my Spectral SDR 2000/3000 reference, came back and gave about 80%-90% depending on the disc. Add the fact that it plays SACD and DVD-A with stunning results, one great piece of equipment...
Talking about XLR interconnects, MGOTTLIEB, he mentioned HMS and Purist cables. It seems that HMS is hard to find and the Purist cables are quite expensive. Has anyone heard the Esoteric DV-50 with the Siltech SQ88s? Are there any other recommendation with cables to bring out the best of this unit?
Yep, I am.  Mine went back for a new drive not that long ago and it's STILL a killer player IMO.